Friday, December 30, 2011

What are Your New Year's Resolutions/Goals?

Hey guys! We are less than 2 days away from a new year. What are your plans? Well, I will be cooking out with my family the entire weekend. I'm so excited to be with my family this weekend but I also miss the warmth of my own home. I will have as much fun as I can because from January 9-13 I will be in a 8 hour a day mini session class. Can you imagine being in class for 8 hours with about 3 breaks? I think I will be in snoozeville every morning of that week. I have 3 goals for this year.

1. To get closer to God.
2. To graduate from college in May.
3. To start on my 3rd degree in August.

Comment below and tell me your resolutions.

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